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Thread Subject:
filtering by bandpass filter

Subject: filtering by bandpass filter

From: Amr Younes

Date: 20 Apr, 2013 01:49:09

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I'm simulating a RFID system and in the system I should pass the signal by a bandpass filter, the signal has a bandwidth = 26MHz and the carrier signal = 1 GHz. the problem that the filter doesn't give me the right result. and here is my code for the filter

Fp1 = 0.987e9; % Edge of the passband
Fp2 = 1.013e9; % Closing edge of the passband
fp=[Fp1 Fp2];
f=3e9; % normalizing frequency

% Normalizing the frequencies
%Calculation of filter coefficients
%Plotting the filter response
fltDelay=N/2; % calculateing the filter delay
BPF= filter(Hd2, 1, [inpSignal';zeros(N/2,1)]); % adding zeros to the end of the signal wish will be %reomved by the filter so the signal is not affected
BPF=BPF(fltDelay+1:end); % compensating for the shift

What is wrong in my code ?

Subject: filtering by bandpass filter

From: Jan Simon

Date: 15 May, 2013 15:37:09

Message: 2 of 2

Dear Amr Younes,

It is hard to find an answer based only on your assumption, that the result is wrong. How could we know what you consider as correct?

Kind regards, Jan

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