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Thread Subject:
Builder JA, including external libraries

Subject: Builder JA, including external libraries

From: David

Date: 24 Apr, 2013 21:12:10

Message: 1 of 1


im currently using Builder JA to build some small functions from MATLAB to Java. Im loading the compiled JAR file by deploytool into my already running app. For that i need to manually load them by ClassLoaders, which is fine and pretty simple, but im having problem with the java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/mathworks/toolbox/javabuilder/internal/MWComponentInstance. Thats because the compiled classes inherit the MWComponentInstance<...> class, which is defined in javabuilder.jar. I solved it by extracting compiled JAR file, and javabuilder.jar and merging them together again in one JAR file. Now the reference exists and the load just fine.

My question is, is there possible somehow include the javabuilder during its compilation in MATLAB? So the structure of JAR would be like :

/ - mypackage - my Classes
| - com - \
             |- mathworks - .... javabuilder classes

Thanks for any advice.

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