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Thread Subject:
contour plotting without interpolation

Subject: contour plotting without interpolation

From: Will Grant

Date: 1 May, 2013 17:14:10

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I am wondering if it is possible to perform a contour plot without any data interpolation being applied. I have x,y,z data that I would like to plot as: contour, filled contour, and 3d contour without any interpolation of the z data being applied.

I am aware that a roundabout method will need to be used to achieve this, as the low level contourc method has no option to mess with the interpolating mechanism, so I am wondering if anyone has already been down this path. Contour plotting has the very nice property of allowing me to select the levels at which separate contour levels are generated, but the smoothing applied to make the graphs look pretty is destroying details in my data.

Essentially what I need is a surface plot for which I can disable face coloring and only have colored lines appear at the 'contour level' transition points.

There must be a way to do this. Please help!


Subject: contour plotting without interpolation

From: Yehonatan

Date: 1 May, 2013 19:40:10

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Hi will,
I tried to understand what you meant and couldn't. What type of data do you have?
Vector like data for x,y and z?
What kind of 3d plot do you want?
Do you want a surface like 3d plot the the mesh function create or something else.

What i can offer you is this. I created a special function that transform vectors like data to a surface like data without any interpolation. Note that my function create a 3d plot for mesh or surf like function and not other type of 3d plot functions. My function is not complete but if you will send me your data i can let it work on it and give you the result....

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