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Thread Subject:
Question regarding GRIDDATA

Subject: Question regarding GRIDDATA

From: Alexandre Trudel

Date: 13 May, 2013 16:08:15

Message: 1 of 1


I want to create a contourplot of microhardness data taken on a weld. The data is in the form of 3 vectors: 1 vector "X" containing the x coordinate, 1 vector "Y" containing the y coordinate and 1 vector "HV" containing the microhardness data for every x-y position. Here is the code used to create the contour plot:

v = [200:20:400];

The resulting contour plot can be seen here:

Note that the X and Y data are also plotted as blue empty circles.

My concern is that their should not be HV values outside the range delimited by X and Y but we can clearly see that this is whats happening especially at the top. It is as if the griddata function extrapolated HV values outside the range given. It this behavior normal? Also is there a way to really limit the griddata to interpolate values within the strict range given by X and Y?


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