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Thread Subject:
constrain map domain

Subject: constrain map domain

From: Jonathan W Smith

Date: 4 Jun, 2013 13:04:08

Message: 1 of 1

Hello: I have the script below which opens up netcdf files and plots the O3_MR onto a world map. I would like to plot the data on a map from 40 W to 40 E and 40 S to 40 N as opposed to a World Map. How can constrain the map domain with the code below. The variables LON and LAT in the scatter function are part of the data output and have nothing to do with the map.Thanks

clear all

iasi_files = {'',''};

varNames = {'Latitude','Longitude','Pressure','O3_MR'};

for i = 1:numel(iasi_files);

        fileName = iasi_files{i};

        LAT{i} = ncread(fileName,varNames{1});

        LON{i} = ncread(fileName,varNames{2});

        P{i} = ncread(fileName,varNames{3});

        ozone{i} = ncread(fileName,varNames{4});


        load coast


        hold on



        fig = sprintf('iasi_ozone%03d.jpeg', i);



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