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Thread Subject:
Building a graph based on KNN

Subject: Building a graph based on KNN

From: John P

Date: 25 Jun, 2013 12:52:07

Message: 1 of 1

Here is my code so far:
xTrain is 799x256
I have computed the distance between the individual elements using the following code.
xTrainP = xTrain*xTrain.';
xTrainD = diag(xTrainP)
xTrainP = sqrt(bsxfun(@plus,xTrainD,xTrainD.')-2*xTrainP);

I now have a matrix xTrainP that is a distance matrix with 0's on the diagonal. Each row is a node of the graph and I need to connect the nodes based on KNN = 3,5 etc.

My Question is do I sum the elements of each of the row vectors and then compare the difference between them and say for K=3 conclude that they are 3 most closest node. I am newbie at this type of work and would be grateful for any help.


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