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Thread Subject:
suggestion for suitable Optimization Algorithm and Solver

Subject: suggestion for suitable Optimization Algorithm and Solver

From: Mamdouh

Date: 6 Jul, 2013 11:13:07

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Hi everyone,
I hope to get your help in solving my problem, by suggesting a suitable Optimization algorithm and Solver.

My problem in simple words is:
Layout Optimization for Wind Turbines inside a Wind Farm,
1- I have an array of turbines (say 10 rows x 15 columns) in a specified rectangular area of say 45*D wide and 40*D deep, where D is the turbine rotor diameter.
2- The wake effects of the upstream turbines on the downstream ones are evaluated by a certain wake model to estimate the total power output.

the objective is to maximize the total energy produced.

I have 3 variables for each turbine which are X,Y location, beside the height (H) at which it works.

the minimum separating distance among turbines is set to 2*D in both X and Y directions.

any kind of help will be greatly appreciated,
thanks in advance,
Best Regards,

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