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Thread Subject:
Create a network adjacency matrix

Subject: Create a network adjacency matrix

From: av

Date: 10 Jul, 2013 10:27:11

Message: 1 of 1

Dear all,

I' m new in Matlab.

I want to create an adjacency network matrix.

Suppose we have a time series of length N. Each point of the time series is a node of a network.

the way in which the points of the time series is connected is:

- each point connected with the next one
- If we have a point i and a point j, these points will become connected if all other points (e.g i<k<j) between i and j fulfills


if i connected with j then in adjacency matrix will should place the number 1 else the number 0

i try to write the following

function createnet=series(xn);


for i=1 to N


    for j=i+2 to N
    for k=i+1,j-1 % points between i and j

    g(d)= y(j)+ Dy*(tj-tk)

    if ( g(d)>yk ) % then i and j connected and we should place the number 1 in adjacency matrix
 if ( g(d)<yk ) % then i and j not connected and we should place the number 0 in adjacency matrix

I know the i need to work hard but I would thus request you, to kindly provide me some guidance on how can this be processed in Matlab.

 Looking forward for your help.


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