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Thread Subject:
About graphshortestpath

Subject: About graphshortestpath

From: Poornima

Date: 22 Jul, 2013 21:19:10

Message: 1 of 1

I am a novice to Matlab and I tried finding the shortest path between two random nodes. I am getting an error in line16 where I use the graphshortestpath function. Can anybody help me by telling what is wrong?

The exact error displayed is as follows:
??? Error using ==> graphalgs
Input argument should be a sparse array.

Error in ==> graphshortestpath at 136
        [dist,pred] = graphalgs(algorithmkeys{algorithm},debug_level,directed,G,S);

The code follows:
% draw a network graph and find shortest path using dijkstras algo

clear all;
close all;
%generate lower triangular matrix with a max value of 5

ng=biograph(G); %draw network of graph

%find the shortest path from node s to d

s=1; d=1;

s=ceil((rand(1)*10)/2); %since the node ranges are 1 to 5, reduce the result to this range
h = view(biograph(G,[],'ShowArrows','Off','ShowWeights','on'));
%%%THE NEXT LINE CAUSES AN ERROR and I am stuck from this point on...:(
    [dist1, path1, pred1] = graphshortestpath(G,s,d);
 set(h.Nodes(path1),'Color',[1 0.4 0.4])
 fowEdges = getedgesbynodeid(h,get(h.Nodes(path1),'ID'));
 revEdges = getedgesbynodeid(h,get(h.Nodes(fliplr(path1)),'ID'));
 edges = [fowEdges;revEdges];
 set(edges,'LineColor',[1 0 0]);

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