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Thread Subject:
hinfsyn...just a simple example

Subject: hinfsyn...just a simple example

From: skorp41

Date: 1 Aug, 2013 13:08:08

Message: 1 of 2

Hello everybody,

I try to use the robust control toolbox to create a H_inf controller. For the beginning I want to do it without the weights, which you need for the mixed problem.
At first, I create a simple plant G and then a generalized plant P with sysic. The goal is, to minimize H_inf norm for the influence of the input w on z (that's is the error signal -> input for controller). But as result, I get a controller with nearly zero magnitude. That means, the error doesn't decrease over time. I consider a simple standard close loop without any disturbances.
Where is my fault?
Below my code:

%% generalized plant
G = tf([10],[1 1]);
systemnames = 'G'
inputvar = '[r ; u]'
input_to_G = '[u]'
outputvar = '[r-G ; r-G]'
sysoutname = 'P'

[K,CL, gopt] = hinfsyn(P,1,1);


Subject: hinfsyn...just a simple example

From: skorp41

Date: 5 Aug, 2013 06:10:11

Message: 2 of 2

I couldn't solve the problem.
No one any idea?

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