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Thread Subject:
Resize text added to image.

Subject: Resize text added to image.

From: Bryan

Date: 1 Aug, 2013 19:58:02

Message: 1 of 2

I'm trying to plot some scatter data on top of an image, and then label each scatter point with a number corresponding to that sites entry in some .mat files. This seems to work fine, except for one issue - I cannot change the size of the text, and the default is too big! The code is fairly basic:

% ImA is the image I am plotting data onto
% ImB is a series of x/y coordinates
% ImC the data labels (cell array of strings)
% i, because this is in a loop

dX = 10;
dY = -10;

imshow (ImA, [400 7000]);
hold on;
scatter (ImB(:,1), ImB(:,2), 25, 'r'); %plot a 25-unit red circle at each point
text((ImB(:,1)+dX, (ImB(:,2)+dY, ImC, 'FontSize', 4, 'Color', [1,0,0]);

% this will be followed by code that further modifies and saves the figures

Everything works aside from the font size command (no matter what size I choose). Even the color option works, despite being in the same line!

Any help is appreciated. This is in matlab R2011a (I should probably upgrade that!), in Ubuntu 13.04.



Subject: Resize text added to image.

From: Kevin Hellemans

Date: 2 Aug, 2013 07:33:17

Message: 2 of 2

I don't know about any bugs in the text command, but I do know it has a LaTeX compiler available. So perhaps you can try to wrap it in latex code:

% Regular Size
% Smaller size

It is not really elegant, but I hope it helps.

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