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Thread Subject:
Catching SIGINT in MEX files from within Matlab GUI

Subject: Catching SIGINT in MEX files from within Matlab GUI

From: Cody

Date: 29 Aug, 2013 10:40:27

Message: 1 of 1

Hello, I'm trying to catch SIGINT (ctrl-c) in an infinite while() loop within a MEX file executed from the Matlab GUI. I've had some success doing this by replacing Matlab's default signal handler using the sigaction() function as is mentioned in numerous other threads in the newsgroup, however this only works when Matlab is running in text mode (using -nodesktop mode). I'd like to have signal catching functionality within MEX files from within the Matlab GUI.

Strictly speaking, it doesn't actually have to be a SIGINT... any user-initiated action that I can detect from within the while() loop should work.

Cheers and thanks,

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