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Thread Subject:
Model Parameters Estimation in Matlab

Subject: Model Parameters Estimation in Matlab

From: Kit Mai

Date: 9 Oct, 2013 04:06:07

Message: 1 of 1

Hey guys,

I am new in Matlab.
I have modeled a system with some given historical data, but I have some troubles in estimating the model parameters.

Suppose the model looks like the following:
(not exactly the sameas mine, mine is much more complicated, but I am sure I can solve mine if I can solve the following one)

C1*(d(Ti)/dt) = (T0 - Ti)/R0 + (T1 - Ti)/R2 + Q
C2*(d(Tw)/dt) =(Ti - Tw)/R1 + (T0-Tw)/R2

I need to estimate the values of C1, C2, R0, R1, R2.
And the rest of them (such as Ti, Tw, T0, Q etc.) are all given in discrete format.

can this be solved by least-squares method?
Can I use system identification toolbox to solve this?

Can anyone tell me what functions or how to estimate those parameters in Matlab?
Or any good references and resources related to this?

Thank you for your time in advance.

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