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Thread Subject:
Real Time Windows Target does not run at specified frequency

Subject: Real Time Windows Target does not run at specified frequency

From: Joao

Date: 10 Oct, 2013 10:33:07

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When running Real Time Windows Target in external mode (Matlab R2013a, Windows 7), in a control application, I cannot get the specified frequency at the analog outputs. For instance, if I set a 1KHz frequency, I only get around 270 Hz, measured with an oscilloscope. However, if I set the frequency at 100 Hz or lower, then the signal at the analog output channel has the specified frequency. The controller is very simple - a proportional one- so the code should not take too long to run. I have already noticed that if I brake the loop, meaning that if the analog outputs are not dependent on the analog inputs, then the system runs at the specified frequency, up to 100 kHz (again measured with an oscilloscope)! Can anybody help me please?
Thank you in advance,

João Barata

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