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Thread Subject:
S-function Port defined as a pointer

Subject: S-function Port defined as a pointer

From: Cesar

Date: 24 Oct, 2013 15:01:16

Message: 1 of 2

I am trying to send a pointer between two connected S-functions. The idea is to create an array wihtin one S-function and send its pointer to other connected S-functions in order to write the results in the same memory allocation. The problem is that when configuring the ouput/input ports, the only types accepted are the following, and it doesn't seem possible to define a port as a pointer:

Integer Data Type ID (DTypeId) Built-in Data Type
4 SS_INT16
6 SS_INT32

In my case i want to to rasterize primitives on a frame memory. For that, I generate an array (frame) in one S-function, and send its pointer to other S-functions that draw on the frame rectangles, characters, lines, etc.

Thank you.

Subject: S-function Port defined as a pointer

From: Phil Goddard

Date: 25 Oct, 2013 00:25:08

Message: 2 of 2

The datatypes you list are the only datatypes recognised as a simulink signal (at least by default).

Your choices are
- output an integer representing the correct number of byes for your pointer and have your subsequent S-Functions know how to correctly handle the integer as a pointer. (This may change on a platform by platform basis).

- register a custom datatype using the ssRegisterDatatype macro.
This approach specifically precludes doing any code generation (with Simulink Coder).


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