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Thread Subject:
Inheritance - accumulating properties

Subject: Inheritance - accumulating properties

From: Sven

Date: 25 Oct, 2013 19:45:22

Message: 1 of 1

Hi all,

I have a small set of classes that form some hierarchy such as below:

classdef Human
        Abilities = {'walk'}

classdef Athlete < Human
        Abilities = {'run'}

classdef Hurdler < Athlete
        Abilities = {'jump'}

I can then instantiate some objects, and list their abilities.

Tom = Human();
Mary = Hurdler();
fprintf('%s\n', Tom.Abilities{:}) % Produces 'walk'
fprintf('%s\n',Mary.Abilities{:}) % Produces 'jump'

I recognise that the nature of inheritance is that you overload or replace previous properties with your new property. However, what I'd really like to do is have:


... to actually list all of the abilities from all of the classes that Mary has inherited, so that her "Abilities" are actually 'walk', 'run', 'jump', rather than simply 'jump'.

I find that I am hitting this sort of design problem quite frequently. Is there a particular inheritance pattern that I can use to produce the desired "cumulative inheritance" effect?


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