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Thread Subject:

Subject: affygcrma

From: Jerry

Date: 1 Nov, 2013 17:43:06

Message: 1 of 1


I would like to use MATLAB to analyze the gene expression data generated by "Affymetrix Human Gene 1.1-ST Array". Affymatrix provided me a CDF file, and they mentioned that they are not supporting this file. However, they are supporting this clf file (HuGene-1_1-st-v1.r4.clf) instead. Please let me know how I could fix this problem.

When I ran the affygcrma function I got this error:

Warning: The ChipType (HuGene-1_1-st-v1) of CEL file
ASFREYT_HuGene1.1ST_C04_2.CEL does not match the ChipType
(HuGene-1_1-st-v1_ascii) of library file HuGene-1_1-st-v1_ascii.CDF.
> In celintensityread at 255
  In affygcrma at 140


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