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Thread Subject:
Create mex file from levmar.c

Subject: Create mex file from levmar.c

From: Toan Cao

Date: 5 May, 2014 21:37:12

Message: 1 of 1

Hello everyone,

I would like to use Levmar package (code C for Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm) in Matlab. But i can not create a mex file from the file levmar.c in this package.
I follow the guide in this package for creating mex file (after finishing to choose complier for mex file):
mex -DHAVE_LAPACK -I.. -O -L<levmar library dir> -L<blas/lapack libraries dir> levmar.c -llevmar -lclapack -lblas -lf2c
My compiler is Microsoft Visual C++ 2008.
The compiling process always has errors, like this:
MEX could not find the library "levmar" specified with -l option.
MEX looked for a file with one of the names:
1) How can i have the file levmar.lib?
2) For clapack.lib, blas.lib, f2c.lib, althouth i already direct to directory of these libraries (download from, the same errors also happen. How to solve these errors?

If you have used this package in Matlab, please share for me the experience what is main reason i encounter these errors .
Thank you very much


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