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Thread Subject:
Relocating a MATLAB Compiler project

Subject: Relocating a MATLAB Compiler project

From: Matt J

Date: 25 Jun, 2014 19:35:12

Message: 1 of 1

I have a project file (.prj file) created using the MATLAB Compiler deploytool. Now, however, I would like to pack up the .prj file and all the dependent .m and .mat and .fig files it points to, move them to a different machine, and recompile.

I assume that the .prj file uses absolute paths to find the dependent files at compile time, and that if I relocate the files, I will break the project. Is this true and, if so, is there a way around these difficulties? For example, is it possible to export the project in a form where it explicitly stores copies of all its dependent files?

The idea is to avoid re-composing the project on the new machine. The deploytool is not foolproof at searching for dependencies, and it would be a tedious iterative process to re-add missing dependencies until the project is correct. Pragmas are not a complete solution, because they don't apply to .mat and .fig files.

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