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Thread Subject:
2-D Geometric Transformations

Subject: 2-D Geometric Transformations

From: Dan

Date: 29 Jul, 2014 23:05:07

Message: 1 of 1

Would appreciate someone at Mathworks (or anyone) could point to the solution to my problem.

Matlab 2014a IPT has a chapter on 2-D Geometric Transformations. It gives the transformation matrix for the 4 cases (Translation, Scale, Shear, Rotation)
It mentions:
"You can combine multiple affine transformations into a single matrix"
Then, it shows a simple example using translation. My question is: how ca be a multiple (or combined) transformation matrix be obtained, say for a rigid transformation (translation, rotation, and scale).

The inverse problem is: having a tform (object of class affine2d) obtained from a registration, how can one calculate the registration parameters (tx, ty, theta, scale).

Sorry if this was answered. I was looking long and hard for an answer, but did not find any. It will be nice if Mathworks would add this functionality in next IPT.

Thanks a lot.

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