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Thread Subject:
3D Plotting in GUI

Subject: 3D Plotting in GUI

From: Adriano Tawin

Date: 30 Jul, 2014 21:39:10

Message: 1 of 1

Hi. I've been trying to create a 3D plot of 3 graphs. But instead of plotting just 1 point for each graph, I always end up having multiple points for each of the 3 graphs. Could someone kindly explain to me why is this so and how can I fix this problem? Attached below is the portion of coding that I am having problem with. Thank you.

% Calculate Mass Equivalent
M = num2str(((1/3).*(handles.SCdropdown + handles.CCdropdown).*(handles.Blasthinput).^3));

% Calculate Stiffness Equivalent
I = ((handles.Width./100).*((handles.Depth./100).^3).*(((5.5*0.01)+0.083)/2));
E = 200*10^9;

outEI =(E.*I);
K =((3.*outEI)./((handles.Length).^3));

Keq = num2str((K.*handles.Length)./4);

%Calculate Load Equivalent
P = num2str((handles.Pinput.*0.22)./handles.Length);

% ---- Classical Method (Chopra) -----
% Calculate Tn
Wn =(sqrt(K./M));
TN = (2*pi)./Wn;


%Calculate deformation
Rd= 2.*sin(pi.*td./TN);
Ust= (handles.Pinput)./K;

%----- Dunhamel Integral (Chopra) ------
Impulse2 = 0.5.*(handles.Pinput).*td ;

%------ Krauthamer Method --------
Impulse3 = 0.5.*(handles.Pinput).*td;

%-------PLOT 3D Diagram---------------------------------------

plot3(U1, Impulse1, handles.SCdropdown + handles.CCdropdown,'ro',...
        U2, Impulse2, handles.SCdropdown + handles.CCdropdown,'bo',...
        U3, Impulse3, handles.SCdropdown + handles.CCdropdown,'ko','markersize',5);
xlabel ('Displacement [cm]');
ylabel('Impulse [MPa-s]');
zlabel ('Mass [Kg/m]');
legend('Classical Method','Dunhamel Integral','Krauthamer Method','Imported FE Data','Location','Northeast');
grid on;
rotate3d on;

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