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Thread Subject:
2014a Problem with "which" function, impacting xlsread and dir

Subject: 2014a Problem with "which" function, impacting xlsread and dir

From: Sharon

Date: 15 Aug, 2014 17:47:11

Message: 1 of 1

I recently upgraded to R2014a and have run into a few problems accessing certain files. If I try to use xlsread on a group of 10 .xlsx files in a particular folder, 9 work and 1 fails. It happens to be the largest file. I think the error is occurring with the "which" function, which reports that the file is not found. Odd observations:
- If my current directory is set to the directory containing the file, it loads fine. (Not necessary for the other 9 files)
- If I open the problematic .xlsx file, save it, and then load, it loads without a problem. If I try to use xlsread the following day (on something re-saved the previous day), xlsread fails.

I just experienced the same sort of error with the dir function trying to load a large .mat file. which.m says the file isn't found (but the exist.m function returns 1)

I'm running Windows 7 on a 64bit machine.

Anyone have a similar experience or ideas on how to make these functions work?


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