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Thread Subject:
quad, fouier, bessel

Subject: quad, fouier, bessel

From: Benjamin D. Booso

Date: 26 Jul, 2003 11:11:48

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I'm working against a deadline to complete this problem. Any help is

Use the matlab function quad to numerically generate a plot of the
Fourier-Bessel transform of r^2gaus(r). Compare the result to the result
obtained using fft2.

I know what the Fourier-Bessel transform is, (1/pi-rho^2)gaus(rho); and I
have a gaus function available.

I don't know how to use quad to integrate the original function twice...and
I'm not sure how to use fft2. Again, any assistance is appreciated.

Have also posted this in swnet.appl.matlab


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