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Thread Subject:
int2str versus str2int?

Subject: int2str versus str2int?

From: justin

Date: 4 Apr, 2004 23:59:27

Message: 1 of 3


I am trying to create a uicontrol edit text box, and get the user
input string to be read as a value: The user will actually put in a

function edit2_Callback(hObject, eventdata, handles)

guidata(hObject, handles)

This seems to give as a string, thus reads its ASCII
value when I try to use it in calculations.

The 'int2str' function converts a number to a string, is there a
function that does the reverse?

Thanks heaps,

Subject: int2str versus str2int?

From: NC

Date: 5 Apr, 2004 00:20:46

Message: 2 of 3

Use STR2DOUBLE. You may also want to use ROUND to get integer values.

Subject: int2str versus str2int?

From: justin

Date: 5 Apr, 2004 00:27:51

Message: 3 of 3

WOW, that was quick!

Thankyou so much for your help, I didn't see that in the help/doc
files before. It also led me to str2num(), which will probably be
just as good for an integer. should round it off to get to an integer

Thanks again,


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