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Using the new datetime structure within datasets
I have a dataset with date variables as datenums. I'd like to convert them to the new datetime datatype. Here is what I did: ...

2 years ago | 1 Answers | 2




simple row stochastic algo, but not 1 to eps precision?
I'm trying to create (large) row stochastic matrices. This seems trivial, but when I create them, the rows are not 1 to eps prec...

5 years ago | 1150 views


Re: submit matlab jobs to other computers
You should give Unison a try. It is an automated file synchronizer, which would allow you to fire off a command which quickly sy...

5 years ago | 7977 views


Text Extraction from Color .gif image
I have a few .gif images which are screenshots of a terminal window with a table of information; thus they are on a black backgr...

6 years ago | 2289 views


Re: A speed challenge: find in large cell array
Thanks gents - much faster. Actually, I think I need to do histc(B, 1:N) because some nodes will not show up and then I lose the...

7 years ago | 4221 views


Re: A speed challenge: find in large cell array
What I am looking for is a count of the occurrence of each value. So, for the cell array you have above, the answer would be B =...

7 years ago | 4221 views


A speed challenge: find in large cell array
Hi all - I've not posted much, but benefited greatly from this stellar community. I've got a challenge in the area of finding nu...

7 years ago | 4221 views