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Edmund Brekke

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Professional Interests: target tracking, signal processing


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random seed for statistics toolbox
I have a problem with controlling the random seed. Previously I have used the syntax rand('state',randState); randn('state',r...

7 years ago | 4674 views


Variable cardinality bookkeeping functions
These four functions makes it easy to work with lists of sets with variable cardinalities.

7 years ago | 1 downloads |



peek inside anonymous functions
A few months ago I made an anonymous function f( ) based on another function g( ) again based on two other functions u( ) and v(...

8 years ago | 1354 views


Re: Indexing of function output
Thanks for your input. The solution z = feval(@(x)(x(I)),f(x)); is still problematic, since x is not necessarily of the same ...

9 years ago | 1952 views


Indexing of function output
I have a slightly different problem with anonymous functions: In order to access the part z of the output y indexed by I one wou...

9 years ago | 1952 views