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Matlab 2008b does not see Coreco frame grabber card
I have a NI-1430 frame grabber card installed as well as Coreco X64-CL on the same PC (win XP). NI card works well with Matlab. ...

6 years ago | 1128 views


How to remove plot based on markers
I have a plot on which I have some data plotted with different markers. How do I delete the data from the plot based on markers?...

6 years ago | 4127 views


How to save many matlab variables into Excel
I have many matlab variables in a Matlab workspace, how do I save them into Excel? E.g. I have list of variables, they are all ...

7 years ago | 23358 views


how to substitute a variable name with variable
I just start use Matlab, can you please help me on this question? Here is the code: for index = 1:5 end I want to change handl...

7 years ago | 1696 views


Problem on adding text to image display
Hi there, I got following error message when trying to add a text to an image (matlab 2008b): ??? Error using ==> text Invalid...

7 years ago | 6226 views


How to rescale an image from 16 bit to 12 bit?
I have a png image saved by Labview8, the data is in 12 bit depth since my linescan camera streams out 12 bit data, but saved wi...

7 years ago | 5543 views