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Ritesh Sood

University of California, Davis

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Re: matrix extraction
Use a list. I tested out a simple example (the objective was to do the least amount of typing :) A = mask = ans = ans...

7 years ago | 1065 views


Matlab builder JA: parse java string to matlab cell
Hi all, I'm building a java swing based GUI for my Matlab application. As such, user input is available as text strings, for ex...

7 years ago | 2537 views


OOP: Matlab can't find +mypkg/@myclass/myfun.m while it can if myfun function is in +mypkg/myclass.m
Hi all, the subject line pretty much describes the problem. To elaborate, here's my file layout: +epi_spline_1D +epi_spline_1D/...

7 years ago | 1896 views