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Notch filter to remove a small area around the fundamental frequency and the first few harmonics
Your code is not OK. ir and ic are not defined and you seem not to do iffshift, even though you say something in your comments. ...

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Re: com.mathworks.mlwidgets.html.HTMLPrefs.setProxySettings error
I get the same error. No com variable, so I cannot use the nice "editormacro" function posted here too.

5 years ago | 4670 views


Re: how to hide wait bar?
Well, a cheap way to hide it is to change the color to the background. Not very elegant, but effective, h=waitbar; wb1c=get(h,'...

7 years ago | 4360 views


Get Stock Symbols
This function gets the list of symbols for stocks from indices and/or sectors.

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Google Finance Historical Stock Data Downloader
gathers historical stock information from Google Finance.

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Re: Does Jacket really works?
I wondered the same thing. Anyway, it looks quite suspicious that you have to register to get a pricing. I checked and for perso...

8 years ago | 8560 views