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Re: figure save problem
that is strange; I can save it as a png file easily. There is a lot of data in this figure, perhaps the renderer can't handle it...

6 years ago | 6389 views


Re: can you read *.is2 images in matlab?
use a search engine... second entry?

6 years ago | 1811 views


Re: Assigning sections to elements in image
you could try something like: a = repmat(mod(floor(linspace(0,4.99,680)), 5), 80, 1); a = [a; 2*(a+1); 3*(a+1); 4*(a+1); 5*(a+1...

6 years ago | 1076 views


Re: 2D Phase Unwrapping Algorithms
It's in the FSL package, which is freely available and written in C++. The source code is also available so you can play around ...

7 years ago | 7635 views