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Re: controller gains, auto (self) tunning of PID gains
Sofia i can tell you my experience that I couldnt do that after trying a lot. However one thing that i should have tried but i...

7 years ago | 1330 views


Hardware in the loop
Hello! My intended plant resides in matlab. Input to the plant comes from serial port and plant output goes back to serial port....

7 years ago | 1308 views


how to get time domain response in matlabfor a varying in put
Hi! I have developed an adaptive PID conroller in a microprocessor(microblaze). I want to use matlab or simulink as a 'plant' an...

7 years ago | 2124 views


Receive serial data and decode it
Receive serial data from an instrument or processor and decode it to apply on a plant model

7 years ago | 6 downloads |