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drawing and getting the area under the curve
Hi, I have a fairly easy problem to solve. I want to generate a curve based on a two dimensionnal data set and then i would like...

6 years ago | 2276 views


exporting scattered points in jpeg
Hi, I have a voluminous display of scattered points(about 30000 points) and a (regression plane through it) in a .fig format tha...

6 years ago | 1142 views


Re: meshc representation of scattered points
Thank you John the code works great(gridfit)! Unfortunately my surface is circular and therefore i get irregularities in the cor...

7 years ago | 3951 views


meshc representation of scattered points
Hi, I have a list of about 25000 points. Those points have x&y-values varying from 0 to 84 with a 0.5 interval. The z-values ass...

7 years ago | 3951 views


multiple linear regression of large numbre of scatter points
Hi, I'm want to do a multiple linear regression on more than 20000 scatter points. I want to obtain the equation of the mean pla...

7 years ago | 2182 views