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reed solomon code
everything about RS generation and generation polynomial and encoding and syndrome

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Re: matlab codes
finely i got you am working in decoding of reed solomon codes using berlekamp massey i want to make function make that i finishe...

6 years ago | 1269 views


Re: generating reed solomon codes
if you need generating reed solomon codes... you are lucky because i did them and generation polynomial of reed solomon code an...

6 years ago | 1772 views


i need help with make function
this is function is Y=generation(N,X) N is number of bits X is the generation polynomial function example X^3+X+1; i need it to ...

6 years ago | 1430 views


Re: eigen value in finite field
hi i want ask you if you can help me with make function that extensions to the binary field finite field GF(2^m).. this function...

6 years ago | 2145 views