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Set Matlab precision
i am facing problem while programming for a very large matrix calculation.How can i change the precision of matlab to 'single' f...

6 years ago | 1592 views


Interpolated Position and Scale
Hi to all, I study SURF (speeded up robuste feature). How can I interpolate the x, y and scale in matlab?

6 years ago | 920 views


Haar response for 2D-Image
Hi, I'm very new to wavelets and I have a question. I've a 2d image, in which I want to compute the Haar response in x and y in ...

6 years ago | 1681 views


Concatenation Matrix in Embedded Matlab Function in Simulink
Hi, i'm new with Simulink and i want to concatenate a matrix in embedded matlab function... but the compiler said me that the ...

6 years ago | 1102 views