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Re: Interpolating ofdm signal, LP filter not working
Hi Salvatore, Im having the same issue as well, can we discuss further on this? Cause when I use bandpass filter for the OFDM, m...

5 years ago | 4084 views


Re: TEQ for optical ofdm
Hi there, how far have you been in this equalization, im working on optical ofdm and have reached the equalization part now. Ema...

6 years ago | 2104 views


Re: Laser rate equation solving using ODE45
Because I is input current/signal to the laser, and it will change the carrier density,N with respect to time, dN/dt. The carrie...

6 years ago | 5597 views


Laser rate equation solving using ODE45
Hi guys, I am a newbee to this forum. But I am kind of familiar with matlab. Recently I have solved my laser rate equation with ...

6 years ago | 5597 views