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regstats - How to understand tstat.pval
Hi guys, I have 2 vectors and I want to check whether there is some correlation between the: 1st value of the 1st vector vs 1st ...

3 years ago | 1338 views


Adaptive Noise Cancellation Using RLS Adaptive Filtering
Hello, I have some problems dealing with Adaptive Noise Cancellation Using RLS Adaptive Filtering. In particular I want to canc...

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How to estimate frequency, amplitude and phase of 2 sinusoidal noises in an image?
I have to estimate parameters of 2 sinusoidal noises in an image. I have to know frequency, amplitude and phase because i need ...

4 years ago | 1556 views


How to replace values<300 in a matrice
I have a matrix 2D (M) and i want to replace each value <300 with the number 3. I'm trying with the function FIND: [a b]=find[...

4 years ago | 907 views


Problem with apostrophe
Hello, I have a problem with this function (that is included in a FOR cycle with i=1:100) img=dicomread(['img',int2str(i)]); t...

4 years ago | 1411 views


Visualize hsv image channels separately
I have an hsv image and i have to display the three channels h s v separately. imshow(x_hsv(:,:,1)) (to display the h channel)....

4 years ago | 2988 views


Dicom File which contains image with Hounsfield Units
I have an image in dicom extension and i want to visualize it in matlab. My dicom file contains an image in Hounsfield Units. D...

4 years ago | 1307 views