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price prediction using Garch/Arch
I have got the prices of a share of past 500 days. I want to apply GARCH/ARCH technique to predict the future prices of the shar...

4 years ago | 1763 views


Optimal values of a group of functions
I have 10 functions .. with following properties: 1. each function takes 3 inputs a,b,c, ( a,b,c are reals between 0 and 1) ...

4 years ago | 1224 views


Re: Genetic Algorithms
Thanks for your suggestion Bruno, but I gave the length 13 just for sake of stating the problem here. In my actual implementati...

4 years ago | 1655 views


Genetic Algorithms
I have a fitness function which takes input as a binary vector of dimension 1x13 with 8 1's and rest 5 0's and gives the fitnes...

4 years ago | 1655 views


regarding ga tool
I have a fitness function which takes in input 's' ( where s is a 1 x 12 array and every element of 's' is either a '0' or a '1...

4 years ago | 1 Answers | 0




delimiter in textscan
I want to use textscan command but with the delimiter as '. ' (i.e. a '.' followed by the space) In other words, my delimite...

4 years ago | 3378 views