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Move-raise a contour plot
Hi all, I want to move-raise a contour plot to a specific location.I have already moved it alongside an axes but after rotati...

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Re: Avoid extra colour lines around zero bo in contourf
TideMan Thank you! I had already tried that solution but didn't try to thicken my grid. At the first attempt , there were rhom...

4 years ago | 1444 views


Avoid extra colour lines around zero bo in contourf
Hallo, there is a problem when using contourf. I have a "zero" box in a matrix and when I print the whole matrix , there are so...

4 years ago | 1444 views


3d filled contour plots on cube
Hallo. I want to plot pressure distribution on cube planes. In a way , I have calculated the pressure on each plane and plot it...

4 years ago | 1290 views


How can I specify counters for matrices?
Hallo. I want to give counters for matrices. I tried things like but did not work. Let's say i want to create 3 matrices mat...

4 years ago | 924 views


cube ray tracing
Is there any specific routine for computing the ray trace of a cube?? It is an answer to sound estimation created by a source an...

4 years ago | 1824 views