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Tim Davis

Texas A&M University


Professor, Texas A&M University. Member of the SIAM Council ( ). Author/co-author of many built-in sparse functions in MATLAB: UMFPACK (lu), CHOLMOD (chol), QR (SuiteSparseQR), COLAMD, SYMAMD, AMD, ETREE, DMPERM, SYMBFACT, and sparse matrix multiply. See also . Much of this work is in my book "Direct Methods for Sparse Linear Systems", SIAM, Sept. 2006, which presents the theory and practice of sparse matrix algorithms, and discusses how MATLAB performs its sparse matrix computations. Additional features, latest versions, and better performance for sparse matrix operations in MATLAB can be obtained from my files posted at . Note that The MathWorks now requires files posted here to appear under a BSD License. I'm unable to change the licensing of some of my code (GNU GPL and LGPL). You can now find UMFPACK, CHOLMOD, SuiteSparse, etc. on my web page.

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