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Santosh Shah

Universidad de Valencia


I am working as a Research Scholar (PhD Fellow) in the Universidad de Valencia. Actively involved in advanced research in the area of Wireless Sensor Network and working for the project SENDORA (an European seventh framework project). The core field is "Cooperative Relaying and joint source-channel coding for computation". I have finished my MS by Research from The LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur India. My MS thesis entitled Software-Defined Radio: GSM Traffic Channel, DSP Based Implementation. Have designed GSM uplink and downlink (MS to BTS and BTS to MS respectively), i.e. Speech Coding / Decoding, Channel Coding / Decoding, Interleaving / De-interleaving, Ciphering / De-ciphering, GMSK (8PSK for data) Modulation / Demodulation, and Channel simulation with AWGN and Raleigh Fading with the standard parameter from the GSM standard in MATLAB / SIMULINK.

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