Dr. Murtaza Khan

Graduate of N.E.D University, Pakistan

I did Ph.D. from Keio University, Japan in March 2008.

* Book: Image and Video Data Compression using Spline and Quadtree (ISBN: 978-3-8383-2920-8)

*Murtaza Ali Khan, "A new method for video data
compression by quadratic B├ęzier curve fitting",
Signal, Image and Video Processing, online June 2010.

* Murtaza Khan and Yoshio Ohno, "Compression of Temporal Video Data by Catmull-Rom Spline and Quadratic Bezier Curve Fitting", WSCG 2008 referred Proceeding, Plzen, Czech Republic, Feb. 2008.

* Murtaza Khan and Yoshio Ohno, "A hybrid image compression technique using quadtree decomposition and parametric line fitting for synthetic images", Advances in Computer Science and Engineering, 1 (3), 263-283, Nov. 2007.

* Murtaza Ali Khan and Yoshio Ohno, "Compression of Video Data using Parametric Line and Natural Cubic Spline Block Level Approximation", IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems, Vol.E90-D No.5 pp.844-850, May 2007.
Professional Interests: Spline/Curves,



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