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Re: FFT modeling and iFFT extrapolation
Hi Eduardo, There is possible to get an extrapolated data before and beyond the sampled period by IFFT algorithm. Instead of FF...

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Re: Filling data gaps in a periodic timeseries in MATLAB
Hi! As an option, you can try Extended DFT on File Exchange

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Extended DFT
Program EDFT produce high-resolution N-point DFT for N greater than the length of data vector.

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How do I convert a time domain signal to frequency domain?
Actually they are specified in your post: >> value = [42007935 111212895 184546560 238219725 238219725 184546560 111212895 42...

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How do I convert a time domain signal to frequency domain?
Hello, To convert nonuniform time domain data to frequency domain you can use Extended DFT (program NEDFT.m) available on fil...

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Re: Sine wave amplitude equalization
For bad part fitting You can try Extended DFT code available on fileexchange

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how to extend time after fft ?
You can try edft.m on fileexchange ifft(edft(YourData,...

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Re: Help with Fourier reconstruction
You can use Extended DFT available on fileexchange Applic...

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Re: ndft (non-uniform discrete fourier transform) and reconstructing
Try 'edft' code available on fileexchange Run command l...

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