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How to synchronize global variables
I was using an Extrinsic API to request data from outside and store them into a global variable. One thing bothering me is somet...

6 years ago | 1100 views


Matlab technical indicator problem
I recently download TA-lib, an technical indicator toolbox. While I was calculating simple moving average of a time series using...

7 years ago | 1047 views


how to transfer this cell array into number matrix
I have a 2*2 cell array M which contains 4 1*1 cell array, so basically it is M= {1x1 cell}{1x1 cell} {1x1 cell}{1x1 cell} in o...

8 years ago | 5100 views


how to update activeperl in Matlab
My Matlab R2008b comes up with activeperl(perl 5.8.8) with very limited perl moduled installed. I just wonder how to update acti...

8 years ago | 1725 views