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dbmute and dbunmute
Allows you to quickly disable all your breakpoints, and then quickly re-enable them all.

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Release 2009b Slow on Snow Leopard: Fixed
Hi Brian, It appears that you may be seeing this issue: Try the fix listed...

7 years ago | 4048 views


Re: M-file run configurations
Hi J.N., In R2007b (the release in which Run Configurations first appeared), Run Configurations were stored in a file called C...

9 years ago | 1828 views


Re: Compare files in MATLAB
It turns out there is an undocumented function that will do part of what your asking for. visdiff will open up the diff tool fo...

9 years ago | 7737 views


Re: Compare files in MATLAB
Great point Yair! It would certainly be useful to call the diff tool programatically. I've created an enhancement request for t...

9 years ago | 7737 views


Re: how do i keep menus active after a selection
Hey John, There is currently no way to do this, as menu showing and hiding is handled by Java which models standard OS behavio...

9 years ago | 770 views


Re: Publish to HTML
Hey Chen, You can use TeX and LaTeX in your publish comments. Check out the following doc for more info: http://www.mathworks...

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Re: color of a uitable column
You can make column headers multi-line by wrapping them in HTML like: String columnOneHeader = "<html>This is a<br>really long ...

9 years ago | 7130 views