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Re: Orthogonal Matching Pursuit
I have a similar problem as you. I'm using sparse regression to reconstruct missing data in an image. There is a specific rule ...

5 years ago | 8739 views


Re: Image Enhancement via iterative gamma correction wrote in message Try this:

6 years ago | 3183 views


Re: Chi squared two sample test to measure image correspondence
I have the same problem: I want to compare 2 similar but different images. I tried to use the KS test, but personally I think i...

6 years ago | 7463 views


RE: majority filter
I think that a majority filter is a square filter, which replace the central pixel with the value that appears more times. And ...

6 years ago | 3825 views


Re: help required in shadow recognition
Hi ImageAnalist, I just want to ask you if there exist some removing shadow algorithm already implemented in matlab. For examp...

6 years ago | 2215 views


Re: Shadow removal
Hi to you guys, did you find any algorithm to solve this problem? regards Luca

6 years ago | 5465 views


Re: Shadow Removal Using Entropy minimization
Hi, at the end did you find the solution of this problem? I'm as you with the same problem. I want to implement the algorithm t...

6 years ago | 17473 views