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Plot for Top 50 Cody players

This plot is broken.

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% Top 50 Cody players
%   time vector is: time1775
%   data vector is: data1775

title(['updated on ' datestr(now) ])

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    Ii looks very nice this jumps of the +10k Scores... ;-)

    lol not is is fixed ! In the trend only the 4 first numbers were taken , therefore a score of 10000 points became a score of 1000

    Nooooo!! it was nice!!! because of this separation of 1000 to 2000 points... we could calculate the time the 50th player reaches the 10k mark... :-D

    Ok I reset data to the previous trend :)
    I agree with your comment even if I didn't do it on purpose !

    I know, i know... just for fun! ;-)