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Plot for The price of a bitcoin: a 24 hour running average in USD

  • Created by: James Kristoff
  • Latest result: Plot created
  • Created on: 21 Mar 2013

Included from trend description:

This tracks the price of BitCoins. Every data point is a trailing 24 hour average.

Plot Image
% The price of a bitcoin over the last 24 hours in USD
%   time vector is: time1978
%   data vector is: data1978
time = time1978;
time = time(end-24*30:end);
priceUSD = data1978;
priceUSD = priceUSD(end-24*30:end);
h = plot(time, priceUSD, 'o-');

plotAxis = get(h, 'Parent');

set(plotAxis, 'XLim', [min(time), max(time)])
datetick(plotAxis, 'keeplimits', 'keepticks')

set(h, 'MarkerSize', 2, 'MarkerFaceColor', [.2, .7, .1], 'MarkerEdgeColor', 'none')

hold on;
area(get(plotAxis, 'XLim'), [34.607, 34.607], 'Parent', plotAxis, 'FaceColor', [.6, .2, .1]);

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