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When to buy flight tickets? The course of flight fares over time

Travelling economy, 1 adult, hourly updated. Fares from

Departure: July 1st; Return: July 8th

Plot Image
% Cheapest Flight Tickets between Amsterdam (AMS) and New York (NYC) on July 1st/8th
%   time vector is: time2026
%   data vector is: data2026

t = time2026
Y = data2026

hold on
plot(t, Y(:,1), 'r-');
plot(t, Y(:,2), 'b-');
plot(t, Y(:,3), 'r--');
plot(t, Y(:,4), 'b--');
legend('NYC-AMS', 'AMS-NYC', 'NYC-AMS-NYC', 'AMS-NYC-AMS', 'Location', 'EastOutside');
title('Flight ticket fares between AMS and NYC on July 1st/8th');

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1 comment

How can we see the code that was used to extract the data from the web-site? I am interested in doing something similar but cannot figure out how to do the data scraping. Many of the sites do not seem to use pure html but have java mixed in. I am interested to find out more.