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Storm Rain and River Height in Providence, RI

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Woonasquatucket River gage height in feet as measured at Centerdale, Rhode Island. Data is from the USGS National Water Information System. The flood stage of the Woonasquatucket River is defined at 5.5 feet.

Cumulative precipitation since the start of a storm in inches as measured by the Ladd Observatory weather station at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. The storm total resets to zero 24 hours after the last rain measurement.

Plot Image
% time2093 and data2093 available for use
% for Woonasquatucket River Gage Height
% Precipitation storm total in Providence, RI
%   time vector is: time2235
%   data vector is: data2235

% Woonasquatucket River Gage Height
%   time vector is: time2093
%   data vector is: data2093

% Precipitation in Providence, RI
%   time vector is: time2096
%   data vector is: data2096

rain = data2235 / 12;
hold all;
plot(xlim,[5.5 5.5],'LineStyle','--','LineWidth', 1,'Color','r');
hold all;
legend('River Height (feet)','River Flood Stage (feet)','Precipitation (inches)','location','NorthWest');
grid on;

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