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Temperatures in Anchorage and Honolulu (Comparison)

  • Created by: Ned Gulley
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  • Created on: 19 Oct 2011
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Here we are displaying two different trends on the same plot.

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plot(time1154,data1154,'Color',[209 126 38]/255)
hold all
plot(time1155,data1155,'Color',[0 86 149]/255)
title('A Comparison of Temperature in Anchorage and Honolulu')
ylabel('High Temp. for the Preceding 24 Hours (deg F)')

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Michael almost 3 years ago

Do I get a prize for guessing that Blue is Anchorage?

Ned Gulley almost 3 years ago

Legend added! Now no one else will have to struggle with figuring out which curve refers to Hawaii.

Jason about 1 year ago

Now lets see Honolulu vs Fairbanks.